Punch your fitness!!

eXRciser brings health and wellness through
specialized, immersive and gamified exercises
using cutting-edge technology.


Our brand is not a logo, it is a relationship.

Our brand is based on the relationship with our clients and their perception of a product, a service and a company.

The eXRciser platform
will learn and grow along with every user. Each person’s sensor data will help refine the predictive capacity of our XR AI.

Users are interested in exercising frequently as long as it is for fun, as they can socialize (share and compete), and as there is a level of challenge and technique which enables emotional, mental and physical level results (wellness) to be tracked and visualized.

Furthermore, users are interested in using technologically advanced, cost-effective devices that allow them to exercise frequently from anywhere to avoid travel time and crowdedness, and to control their schedules.



Is to provide a service that integrates health under the whole concept of wellness, via a rewarding physical experience (physically, socially and mentally), based on a dynamic open platform which evolves with technology.
For us it is all, principally, about how to enhance the human experience through technology, rather than the other way around.


Is to help people to live a human experience through physical activity, maximizing correlation –through convolutional analysis- among our AI emotional prediction algorithm, sensor data and user’s subjective experience:

The baseline for AI emotional prediction machinery is built from user’s direct feedback from actual training sessions.

Predictions and recommendations are tested against users’ subsequent improvement experience.





Tech Passion

Our ambition is to create a platform that individual follow up as they progress through the XR universe