Innovation in Space: SAT VR Helmet for Astronaut Mental Health

Mars missions represent another step in space exploration, but they bring unique challenges, especially in the psychological well-being of astronauts.

26 / February / 2024

The French startup Coreod Space has unveiled an innovative solution at CES 2024: the SAT VR Helmet, an artificial intelligence-powered virtual reality helmet designed to support astronauts' mental health in space.

The SAT VR Helmet is a helmet that fits the astronaut's head and allows access to a virtual environment where they can interact with an intelligent assistant providing psychological support. The assistant offers relaxation, meditation, breathing exercises, and other mindfulness techniques that help improve sleep, mood, and emotional well-being. Additionally, the helmet allows for the selection of virtual scenarios reminiscent of Earth, such as a forest, a beach, or a city, to alleviate nostalgia and monotony.

This device is the result of ten years of research in neuropsychology and digital therapies and is designed to function under extreme conditions, such as those encountered on a Mars mission. Its goal is to improve astronauts' quality of life, as well as ensure the success and safety of long-duration space missions.

This innovative helmet demonstrates how artificial intelligence can be an ally for space exploration, offering solutions for the psychological challenges of space travel. It exemplifies how technology and the human mind can collaborate to achieve extraordinary goals.

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