Virtual reality makes you dizzy?

Motion sickness in virtual reality (VR) is a common challenge that affects user immersion. When the

23 / November / 2023

Intense experiences, such as being in a moving virtual boat or a wobbly elevator, can generate strong motion sickness discomfort because the perceived motion does not match the actual physical activity. Why doesn't that happen in apps like eXRcise?

The trick is to synchronize the user's physical movement with the actions in the virtual world. For example, when performing real physical exercises, the virtual avatar replicates these movements, which helps align visual perception with physical activity.

Another outstanding feature of eXRcise is the elimination of free exploration, keeping the user in a fixed position within the virtual environment. This structure reduces the discrepancy between virtual and physical movements, thus minimizing motion sickness discomfort and providing a more comfortable VR fitness experience by better synchronizing the visual and physical.

The eXRcise approach not only addresses motion sickness, but also offers a more accessible experience for users of different ages and levels of VR experience. By structuring activities within a fixed space and synchronizing them with actual physical activity, eXRcise promotes a more comfortable immersion and smoother transition into VR fitness for those who might experience difficulty with more complex locomotion systems.

This attention to comfort and alignment between the physical and virtual positions eXRcise as an attractive and effective solution for those who wish to enjoy immersive exercise experiences without the challenges of motion sickness in VR.

In short, motion sickness in VR remains an obstacle for many users, but solutions like eXRcise offer an innovative and comfortable approach by aligning physical movement with virtual actions. This attention to comfort shows the potential of VR to deliver immersive and comfortable experiences for a wide range of users interested in VR fitness.