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25 / March / 2024

Prototype funds play a crucial role in technological innovation, particularly in emerging fields like virtual reality (VR). They provide essential capital for developers to explore new ideas and technologies, overcoming financial hurdles that often restrict creativity and innovation.

What is Oculus Publishing Ignition?

Meta has launched Oculus Publishing Ignition, a rapid prototyping fund to support newly formed video game development studios facing current industry challenges. Aiming to fund up to 20 teams by year-end, it seeks projects with innovative interaction mechanics for Quest 3, valuing mixed reality concepts, simulation games, active sports, and accessible social titles. Selected teams keep all intellectual property rights and can receive direct guidance from Oculus, plus introductions to top VC funding partners.

What does this support entail?

Applications are open until September 1, 2024, or until funds are depleted. Chosen studios will receive milestone funding every three months over six months, tailored to each project's needs. Oculus might provide additional funding for full game development. Teams retain all intellectual property rights, with Meta only requiring a limited license for promotional uses. The fund is open to new teams, including industry veterans, focusing on original games for a broad audience. Interested parties must apply before the deadline to be considered.

Source: Introducing Oculus Publishing Ignition, a new multi-million dollar rapid prototyping fund