Redefining the limits of Mixed Reality

Varjo's XR-4 series, a leader in mixed reality technology, marks a milestone in Fitness VR. These devices offer an unprecedented visual experience with near-retinal resolution and precise eye tracking.

09 / Dicember / 2023

Varjo, a leading brand in mixed reality technology, has unveiled its latest release: the XR-4 series. These high-end devices are designed primarily for businesses and governments, but their potential to transform VR fitness is astounding.

Features that Redefine the Visual Experience

 Varjo's XR-4 series represents a significant improvement over its predecessor, the XR-3. These devices employ a single 4K LCD panel per eye, eliminating secondary microdisplays to achieve a stunning near-retinal resolution of 51 pixels per degree in the centre of vision.

Visual Experience Enhancements at a Glance

 With dual 3840×3744 displays and a 90Hz refresh rate, the XR-4 Series offers an immersive and detailed viewing experience. Its larger lenses provide a 105° vertical and 120° horizontal field of view, enhancing the immersion and sense of reality.

Passthrough and Next Generation Cameras

Improvements in passthrough quality with 20-megapixel cameras and two variants (one with fixed focus and one with autofocus) are another highlight. The Focal edition achieves an angular passthrough resolution equal to the view, offering a quality virtually indistinguishable from the natural view.

 Additional Innovations that Enhance the User Experience

With ambient light sensors to adapt the illumination of virtual objects to the real environment and integrated speakers and microphones for high-quality audio, the XR-4 Series provides total immersion. In addition, the inclusion of internal positional tracking and in-box tracking controllers simplifies the user experience. 

Varjo Availability and Future

Available to order with shipments starting in December, the XR-4 series initially targets organisations, with future plans to allow purchase by individuals. It has already attracted the attention of leading companies such as Volvo Cars, Rivian Automotive and Aechelon (military simulators).

 Combining the advanced technical capabilities of the XR-4 with the eXRciser Fitness app is a step forward in the world of VR Fitness. Offering a personalised and adaptive training environment, these devices and the app provide a unique and exciting experience for fitness enthusiasts.

Varjo's XR-4 series is a testament to the constant advancement in mixed reality technology. While Varjo has not revealed details about possible future models, its current focus on quality and innovation will surely continue to lead the way into the future of virtual and augmented reality.