What's new in Meta Quest v64

The latest update from Meta brings many features, some particularly interesting for games and fitness apps with virtual reality.

10 / April / 2024

With the launch of version 64 of Meta Quest, the virtual reality universe receives an update that promises to expand the virtual fitness experience. This improvement brings with it innovative features like the "Lying Down" mode for the Quest 3, support for external microphones, and a significant enhancement in the quality of the Passthrough, marking a turning point for applications like eXRcise.

The inclusion of the "Lying Down" mode for Quest 3 allows users to enjoy immersive experiences while lying down or sitting. Although at first glance it may not seem relevant for fitness apps, this feature improves accessibility, allowing more people of different physical conditions to incorporate virtual reality into their daily exercise routines.

Moreover, the support for external microphones through the USB-C port enhances social interactions within the platform, allowing for clearer and smoother communication. With the introduction of online mode, where it is possible to train with your friends, any improvement in this area is beneficial for eXRcise. Such functionalities support the creation of virtual communities, enabling users to share their experiences in real time and motivate each other.

On the other hand, the enhancement in the quality of the Passthrough on Meta Quest 3 transforms mixed reality, offering a more immersive and safe experience. Users can see their real environment more clearly, which facilitates the performance of exercises that require greater spatial awareness.