Co-Founder and President.

PhD from MIT in telecommunications and computer sciences. With a career of over 40 years in the technology and telecommunication sectors is successfully leading the design and execution of this project.


Co-Founder and CEO.

Sports science graduate with extensive experience in intelligent fitness systems and more than 8 years experience as a personal trainer. Francisco is a key part of the team not only in leading project execution capacity, but also because of his deep knowledge of fitness sector needs and opportunities, as well as his valuable experience as personal trainer.



Doctor in economic and business sciences, with over 35 years of experience managing financial institutions, and a diversified and prestigious career in supporting and financing start-ups.


Head of Legal Affairs.

Over 30 years experience in legal matters as well as in mergers and acquisitions, both at national and international level. He also coordinates the registration of trademarks and patents.


Technical director and CTO.

Graduated in biomedical engineering with a master’s degree in computer graphics and virtual reality and an MBA in the field of biomedical technology, with over 3 years of experience in the development of XR products. The combination of biomedicine and VR application development gives Karol a greater perspective of the product and market, allowing better leadership in the development of the platform, as well as support in the development and coding of some of the principal functionalities of the solution.


Head of Development.

Doctor in computer science and senior developer, with more than 20 years of experience in video game development and, more recently, in virtual and augmented reality applications.His long career and experience of market product launching give him the necessary agility and skillfulness to take and execute decisions regarding the application development and optimization. Manuel has the capacity to select and execute best development techniques related to the environment at stake.


Head of the human and emotional aspects of the project.

Telecommunications engineer and certified coach (ICF), with more than 20 years of experience in psychobiological coaching and in entrepreneur development and tutoring, as well as 7 years of strategic advice in the public sector. Daniel leads the emotional and mental component of the platform.


Product Head.

An expert in the design of XR products, UX/UI and usability tests. Alvaro has a career of over 10 years in the user experience design sector and has been part of pioneering projects in the VR sector. As an expert in experience design, his knowledge has enabled us to understand users’ needs and likes, which has had a positive impact on the visualization and usability of the platform within an immersive environment.


3D animator.

Master's Degree in 3D Character Animation and Graduate in Interactive Product Design from U-tad. His passion is bringing to life the characters he animates in any kind of style: cartoon, realistic, etc. As an enthusiast of videogames and animation, he perfectly understands its language and its secrets, contributing this knowledge to our developments. He is also very sporty also, so he fits perfectly with the company's mission.